Pre-math Activities for Pre-schoolers

Math! Is it too complicated a subject? Well actually not if the seed is ingrained in kids early on by parents from their pre-school age. When taught in a fun environment using exciting play activities and hands on techniques, it enhances their cognitive and motor skills. It shapes their young minds and gets them thinking. They develop the confidence to accomplish tasks. They learn and grasp tiny yet important concepts in an interesting way. Mentioned below are some enjoyable pre-math activities for your children. So, whether you enroll them in a class or incorporate these engaging games at home, your child is going to love it and so will you, when you see them perform.


Match the Shapes

Kids get a chance to work with shapes in assorted colors. The activity is executed by using a hexagon framework which has shapes of triangles and diamonds inside the main outline of the hexagon. They will fit the pieces of the triangles and diamonds into its empty shape brackets and slots to fill and complete the hexagon. Mathseeds too has a fun way of teaching patterns. Hop along with dancing and singing characters to find & match patterns and shapes. 

Matching Objects with Numbers

This is one of the most popular and loved activities among pre-schoolers. They first get to count the number of objects present in a given box and then declare the numeral. So, if there are 8 balls in a box, they count them and then match it to numeral 8 given in the chart of numbers. If your child gets bored of matching objects physically, an alternative is to download the Mathseeds App and practice the same. It has become quite popular in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, and GCC regions.


Fill and Empty Cups

This one is an interesting activity that requires pre-schoolers to multitask. So empty cups numbered from 1 to 10 are placed on the table in random order. With a bottle of water handy with them, on instruction they would be made to fill water in the cups. So, pour water in cup 3, next in 7 and so on. The exciting part here is another simultaneous instruction is whether to fill the cup full or half. In between they would be asked to pour water from any filled numbered cup into an empty cup. So, it’s constantly challenging them to identify numbers, remember instructions and gauge measurements.

Sing Number Songs

Kids are taught to memorize and sing math songs in this interactive activity involving numbers but definitely not without actions and it gets even interesting when visuals and objects are teamed up to match the lyrics and make it an entertaining learning experience.

Labelling with Numbers

This is an activity where pre-schoolers are required to count objects placed in various cartons. They are then made to tear out numbered stickers and stick the corresponding number with the right carton matching the number of items. Then post the sticking of numbered labels they would write the word of the numeral next to the label and complete the carton labelling.

Number Jumble

Where most activities usually aim to match the numbers with the same denomination of objects, this task is amazingly tweaked for kids. So, 5 jars are kept in a row, numbered from 1 to 5. A pack of 15 straws are given to the kid. The teacher / parent then calls out numbers in no particular order. They would then ask them to put 1 straw in Jar 6 and 2 straws in Jar 5 and so on. This number jumble focuses them to count, identify and match even mixed match number combinations.

Tally Marks Fun

Learning to count through tally marks is introduced to kids in this innovative activity. Using chalk or pen to draw plain sticks would be quite mundane but when their favorite fruity lollypop sticks are added to demonstrate this concept, learning does become delightful.

Mixed Bag

This is an activity involving multiple little objects placed in a bag in various colours and denominations such as buttons, bows, hair ties and clips. Upon instruction the kid would accordingly have to remove the said item correctly based on denomination and colour. So, it could be removing 2 white bow ties or remove 1 pink clip and so on.

Number Dessert Mania

This lovely activity involves pre-schoolers to sort and pack already baked chocolate cookies that are present in shapes of oval, circle and square. So, they are assigned to make sets of 9 cookies per box with 3 cookies of each of the 3 shapes. So, count cookies, sort the shapes and pack them with colorful ribbons tied to boxes and at the end of the class, take a box home and share the chocolate cookies with family.

Involving children in such playful tasks naturally help them understand beginner Math with ease and thereby establishes their foundation to achieve larger goals in life.

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