LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set: A Must-Have Kit for Every Middle School Student

Being in middle school means learning to become more confident and mature individuals. Most middle schoolers are between the ages of 11 to 15 years and would be in sixth, seventh or eighth grades. These young adults are constantly growing, each at their own pace, both physically and emotionally.

There are certain skills that a middle school grader is expected to develop to ready themselves for the complexities of the 21st century world. Some of the cognitive milestones that are achievable in this age bracket are:


  • Improved decision-making skills
  • Enhanced reasoning capacity
  • Effective problem-solving
  • power Constructive creativity

Tapping the developmental skills of a middle school students

Incorporating the STEAM system of learning, Lego® Education introduces the SPIKE™ Prime Set which is go-to kit for every 6th to 8th grader. Students always seek newer opportunities and learning techniques to sharpen their skills. It is every educator’s prerogative to provide ample hands-on project-work opportunities to encourage the students to use their creativity and imagination.

The classroom is like a playground where the foundation of a great future is anchored. When the playground is powered by the right tools such as the SPIKE™ Prime Set, it develops a pathway for correct attitudes and behaviors needed to be successful individuals in future.


Brining Ingenuity to Classrooms

Ingenuity means being clever and original. We are aware that products which are innovative, sell faster in the market. So why not ask our young adults to be inventive and design their own product solutions by using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set.

With every unboxing, students discover a whole array of possibilities with the multipurpose LEGO® bricks, easy programmable features, multi-port hub, and simple drag-drop coding language based on Scratch.

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a dance-off. Something as cool as a dancing robot can be built from basics in merely a 45-minute session by the students from the SPIKE™ Prime Set.


If you think being a parent you have the right to mess with your teen’s belongings, you might want to think again. These mighty geniuses are busy constructing their own ‘safety vault’ and it’s almost impossible to crack-open the treasure by figuring-out the correct ‘secret code’.

By getting an opportunity to design, code, and market products, teens learn to think critically, analyze data, and solve complex problems with real world relevance.

The All In One Box


The SPIKE™ Prime Set comes in an attractive box which comprises the following hardware and software:

Programmable Smart Hub

At the heart of the SPIKE™ Prime system comes a brick shaped programmable smart hub with rechargeable battery life. It is powered with 6 input/output ports, 5×5 light matrix, Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker, and 6-axis gyro.

Highly accurate Motors and Sensors

Children get together and brainstorm on what model of robot, or which dynamic device, do they wish to curate with the help of high-quality motors and sensors accompanied by the colorful LEGO building elements.

New Elements Added

The new and improved set includes 500 vividly colorful LEGO Technic elements. The 3×3 frame is an excellent spacing element and permits a smooth change in the direction of the build, such that students spend less time constructing and more time learning.

Storage Box and Sorting Trays

Wise men say, there is a place for everything and everything must be in its place. To keep each component of the SPIKE™ Prime Set safe in its allocated place, the kit comes with a sturdy storage box and sorting trays, so that one doesn’t have to play a game of hide-and-seek just before starting with the project.

Making the right start

  • Students learn to code with an easy drag-and-drop coding feature based on the Scratch programming language, used by millions of children around the world.
  • Effective STEAM learning is incorporated in a 45-minute session, with focus on Engineering and Computer Science.
  • The essentials debugging is important for the success of any project. Students learn to fix the bug and move ahead with the planned strategy without hesitation.

The well-structured online lesson plans and interactive support materials, aid educators to deliver planned lessons to students. Learn more about SPIKE™ Prime Set and order your first set delivered to your doorstep in Dubai and all over the Middle East.

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