A Journey of Reading with Highlights

Reading is a lifelong journey that needs constant support from a variety of sources such as parents, teachers and friends. But these are not the only sources that one needs to rely on when instilling a love of reading your child. In recent years, the rise of companies offering services for a fee has risen due to the immense reliance on technology as well as the ease of interaction with it.

Many parents have therefore turned to service providers who can reliably provide them with a tool or resources that parents are able to use on a frequent basis. One such tool is Highlights. What is Highlights you might ask? Happy to oblige.

Highlights is a book and magazine vendor that provides engaging material that stimulates creativity and curiosity in children up to 12 years of age. Deliveries of all material are made monthly so that you have a never-ending supply of engaging material for your children. Let’s have a look at what magazines Highlights stock.

Highlights Magazine

Each monthly issue of this magazine enables generations of kids (aged 6-12 years) grow into their best self by being curious, creative, caring and confident. This magazine also brings out the vivid imagination in children, expands their world view and outlook and keeps their mind active and challenged in each issue.

High Five Magazine


Preschoolers have a limitless supply of questions that need to be satisfied speedily. Thankfully, the High Five magazine helps in satisfying this curiosity by including age-appropriate puzzles, stories can be read long with and much more!

Hello Magazine

The Hello magazine is targeted at little babies and toddlers who just want to be entertained. The best part is that the pages are able to be wiped clean in an instant so that you will have a clean book every time.

Now, let us look at the book clubs that are provided by Highlights. In all these book clubs, you will receive materials and support themed around a particular topic like preschool. This will ensure that your child can continue to build upon the specific skills and values taught in each book club.

Early Learners

These subscription boxes come with grade specific reading materials and activities that will keep each child active and engaged until the next monthly issue arrives. Each subscription box comes with fun activities that do not stress the child out. Tools like a double-sided wipe clean practice board are also included to facilitate learning. The box also contains rewards for wonderful progress, like stickers and a progress poster to keep the children happy and motivated.

Hidden Pictures Lovers

For the children who love investigating text and photos for really small details, we have got just the right tool for you! The Hidden Pictures magazine will enable children to be captivated by pages of poems and mazes, along with other hidden-object activities. This touches upon much of the skills that children will need later on in school such as reading and creative thinking.

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Puzzle Fans

Each issue contains puzzles, secret codes, word games along with number and logic activities to boost the brain power of your child. These activities focus on the writing, reading and math skills together with other skills to develop your little puzzle solver!

Top Secret Adventurers

For the adventurous, this book club is themed around a big mystery that your child must solve in order to complete the mission. They will get to crack the code, dig for clues and then follow these clues to glory and beyond. All while being safely at home!

Highlights also have digital tools and resources to complement the physical tools that your children interact with. These include a mobile app to explore the concept of shapes, a critical concept which needs to be understood well for maths.

Highlights has a very comprehensive offering of products that will satisfy your child’s craving for challenging and fun material to read and interact with.

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