Chemistry and Biology Unpacked – 3D Lab Kits to Learn in Style

Science, as a subject, is very well known for its intense demands of knowing the theoretical aspects behind the processes as well as the practical elements of experiments. It can lead to an information overload. Children need comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guides and tools in order to get a leg up in this subject. They also need to have the right equipment to safely carry out their investigations.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, carrying out lab experiments became very challenging as children often had no access to the tools needed in order to explore and learn effectively. Carolina devised and developed 3D lab kits that could be shipped to children so that they could learn in the comfort of home. This would also give them an opportunity to learn concepts at their own pace, in an environment of their choosing. Let us have a deeper look at what these lab kits are based on, and how they help children to achieve competency in science.

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The Carolina Kits 3D Flex program comprises of individual student kits that enable each student to embark on a year-long Chemistry or Biology lab program. Teachers are equally well supported, with a copy of all student material plus tailored material for teachers included in every instructor kit – this material also includes all digital resources needed for teachers to conduct a guided lab experiment online

Each lab experiment and its learning outcomes is delivered by hands-on investigation, teacher demonstrations through an online format, as well as digital student investigations to supplement their physical learning. Students also receive all their necessary materials and tools in a handy storage box for easy packing and portability – perfect for those living room science experiments that need to disappear in a flash!

This program is very versatile and assures students and teachers that they will be receiving authentic lab experiments that replicates the very feeling of tinkering with science. Be it at home, in class or online, each experiment is guaranteed instructional consistency – ensuring that each student is able to achieve the same outcomes irrespective of location.


No matter what lesson mode the student is in, both synchronous and asynchronous, these lab kits are able to deliver the same outcomes across learning modes, ensuring that there is flexibility in learning. Ultimately, flexibility is important when teaching a student a new concept.

The Carolina Kits 3D Flex program strives to provide consistent and unique lab experiences for all students. This ensures that these kits can be deployed in a school environment alongside a curriculum to enhance the knowledge of science uniformly across individual classes and grade levels.

The biology program focuses on 4 main topics that are the core foundations of the program. In the topic From Molecules to Organisms, various sub-topics like food and nutrient analysis and biofuels are covered.

Next, the Ecosystems topic explores how small actions can affect a large ecosystem and covers sub-topics ranging from group behavior and social insects to oil spill remediation.

The third topic, Heredity, focuses on how humans, plants, and animals are formed and covers sub-topics like chromosome simulation.

The last and final topic in the biology program is the Biological Evolution module that deals with the combined role that genetics and biology play in our lives. This module thus covers topics like natural selection and genetic kinship.

Likewise, the chemistry program also has 4 main topics that enhance the understanding of content. This is done through a variety of sub-topics that present targeted information and require students to extract the relevant information needed for mastery of the concept.

In summary, the Carolina Kits 3D Flex program is a robust tool that can enhance the pursuit of science knowledge in a world dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program ensures that each student receives instructional consistency across various environments while having fun and learning about science in a safe manner.

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