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Our EdTech Company Profile

Established in 2001 as Technokids Trading L.L.C., The Knowledge Hub was born out of the undying need to provide high-quality education to students to cope with the ever-growing demands for advanced learning and development. Through the altruistic initiative and guidance of Sheikha Lamia Faisal Al Qassimi, invigorated by her aspiration to enhance the quality of education through I.T. solutions, The Knowledge Hub came into being in Dubai as a pioneer in the EdTech market. The constant support that Knowledge Hub has been providing to teachers and students since the beginning stirred the organization to take a giant leap of expanding from Dubai to other Emirates and eventually throughout the Middle East region.

We focus on developing eLearning solutions using advanced technology to change the way people learn, train, and grow. Over the last two decades, we’ve helped countless schools and universities streamline submissions, helped people learn from a distance, and, most importantly, leveled the educational playing field. Currently, we provide numerous interactive learning solutions, including LEGO® Education, S.A.M. Labs, TECHNOKIDS, and more. We also offer eLearning curriculums to match the exact requirements of schools and universities within the UAE and across the middle east region.

As a committed proponent of e-Learning, we offer the most innovative approaches to K-12 schools and universities to deliver cutting-edge teaching methodologies and learning styles. Get in touch with us to know more about the interactive learning solutions that we offer.







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Our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional eLearning solutions; we also do offer expert services, innovation projects, and sustainability programs, tailored to the individual requirements of various K-12 schools and universities.

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News And Announcements

World Educational Robot Contest 2019 (WER)

A successful 4th edition of THE WORLD EDUCATIONAL ROBOT CONTEST 2019 (WER) in the UAE held in Victoria International School of Sharjah last 12th October 2019 participated by more than 20 teams all over UAE.

With the theme, “ Artificial Intelligence,” that aims to enhance the creativity and hands-on ability of students from 6 – 18 years old in the field of robotics.

Congratulations to all the winners of WER 2019 UAE and big thanks to all schools that participated in this momentous event.

Blog Posts

Learning Arabic Numbers Through Hands-on Coding with MatataLab

Learning Arabic Numbers Through Hands-on Coding with MatataLab

MatataStudio is a comprehensive learning platform that utilizes a unique blend of tangible coding blocks and a friendly robot, MatataBot, to introduce children to the fundamentals of coding. Through playful activities and interactive lessons, MatataStudio empowers students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and computational skills through hands-on coding experiences.

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A Unique Guide to Mastering Game Loop Design

A Unique Guide to Mastering Game Loop Design

In the realm of game design and animation, a looping script embodies a crucial element known as the “game loop design.” It comprises a set of instructions or code that orchestrates the repetitive execution of a sequence of actions or movements within a game environment.

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Promising Fun Math Books for Kids by Highlights Library

Promising Fun Math Books for Kids by Highlights Library

Finding resources that educate and captivate young minds can be daunting in the bustling world of children's education. However, Highlights for Children emerges as a beacon of innovation and engagement, offering a treasure trove of materials, including fun math books...

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Harnessing the Value of LEGO® Education Support for Educators

Harnessing the Value of LEGO® Education Support for Educators

Think about a classroom where laughter and learning mix perfectly. Students don't just memorize facts; they learn by doing fun activities with LEGO® Education. LEGO® Education isn't just about building things with bricks. It's a whole system that makes kids curious,...

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Unlocking the Amazing Potential of Paired Programming

Unlocking the Amazing Potential of Paired Programming

In the fast-paced world of software development, where the stakes are high and safety is paramount, ensuring code quality and catching bugs early is critical. This is where paired programming, a software development practice where two programmers work together on a...

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Learning STEAM Through Play with LEGO® Education STEAM Park

Learning STEAM Through Play with LEGO® Education STEAM Park

Have you ever wondered how a tiny bicycle pedal can propel a much larger wheel forward? Or how does a simple clock mechanism keep perfect time? The answer lies in the fascinating world of gears! These ingenious inventions are the building blocks of countless machines...

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