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Education has been more or less the same for some decades. We at Knowledge Hub are transforming the way education is taught and is consumed.

Best K12 education solutions provider in UAE

We are leaders in EdTech industry from 20 years in the Middle East region (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain ,Qatar and Saudi Arabia) offering K-12 and higher education solutions. We offer complete coverage for K-12. We are the one-stop-shop for K-12 and higher education solutions.

21st century skills for classrooms

We offer best in class technology integration solutions for classrooms, STEM/STEAM labs, Innovation Labs, science and engineering labs in educational institutions in the Middle East. We are, in fact, the pioneers when it comes to providing technology integration in classrooms.

Interactive learning solutions for all schools

Ours is the Best EdTech Company in the Middle East providing children with the right skills, especially in STEM-related fields. With a deep understanding of education and the latest technology systems such as STEM, Robotics, Coding, ICT, AR/VR, Machine Learning we offer various interactive learning solutions to all American, UK, IB, CBSE schools.

Career readiness skills for children

We apply digital technology to create a new form of learning architecture that infuses 21st-century skills in the students. Our programs are:

  • Created by engineers, educators, and industry leaders to help children learn in a fun and highly engaging way.
  • Enable personalized learning that automatically adjusts to an individual’s learning competence.
  • Provide teachers with greater access to data on individual achievements and progress.
  • Help children learn scientific principles that can be applied to real-life scenarios.


LEGO® Education

We are delighted to announce our partnership with LEGO® Education. We are an authorized distributor of LEGO® Education products in the Middle East region (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). With our expertise and LEGO® Education STEM-based products, we guarantee that schools will get amazing solutions.

We set up an innovative state of the art learning environment using LEGO® Education solutions in the schools that allow playful learning for the students and enable impactful teaching for teachers.

LEGO® Education has a range of education products and learning activities that cover complete K-12.

Early Learning from LEGO® Education

The solutions from LEGO® Education for young children help them learn critical early Science, Math, and Language skills. The social and emotional skills that they need to succeed in their school and life can be acquired through these creative intuitive solutions.

The LEGO® Educations Solutions help them

  • Build Confidence – These early solutions stimulate children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to learn while encouraging them to learn through play.
  • Build Early Skills – The products like Build Me “Emotions”, StoryTales Set with Storage, Coding Express, and Tech Machines Set with Storage help them stimulate their curiosity.
  • Boost their passion – Products like Tubes, Letters, Animals and People enable them to explore and learn while playing.
  • Fun and Engaging Lessons – Our solutions integrated with Lego Education easily integrate into classroom lessons to make learning fun and engaging

LEGO® Education for Primary School

LEGO® Education offers engaging and hands-on experiences students need to explore the STEAM concepts. These solutions are designed for the growing students to learn how STEAM skills affect their daily life.

LEGO® Educationfor Secondary School

The solutions for secondary school children grow with students offering them real-life experiences that stimulate creativity, communication and critical thinking to make them better citizens and leaders for the future.

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

This set enables children from 6th to 8th grades to learn the essential 21st – century skills and STEAM skills to become innovative minds.

LEGO® Education Mindstorms® Ev3

This product from Lego helps high school students to learn robotics skills and STEAM skills in almost real-life environment. This enables them to prepare for their college life and career.

SAM Labs

We have partnered with SAM Labs and are authorized distributors for SAM Labs in the Middle East region (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain ,Qatar and Saudi Arabia). In partnership with SAM Labs,an award-winning EdTech product Company, we offer the most engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) learning solutions for your classrooms.

Our solutions connect hardware and software with a curriculum that covers a range of subjects. Learning about coding was never so accessible, experimental, and interactive and most importantly fun – thanks to our solutions that integrate SAM Labs Kits…

Steam Course

– the STEAM Course from SAM Labs offers a comprehensive set of resources both for students and children for formative assessment.

Learn to Code

– SAM Lab’s Learn to Code course helps students from primary and secondary grades to explore the cyberspace and enhance their computational thinking skills.

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