Brain Wrecking Riddles For Math Learners

Math Riddles can be quite challenging. They test your child’s logical thinking abilities and get them to delve deeper into the topic. Anyone who is phobic to Math can taken-on the task of solving fun puzzles, to dispel their fear. Developing a higher level of critical thinking skills at an early age is the secret to success for most elementary graders.

Whether you are an educator or a parent, we encourage you to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to solving Math puzzles by handing over a worksheet to kids or using an online format. A bit of practice every day ensures that students don’t get overwhelmed during exam time and build enough confidence to tackle tricky problems in the exam paper.

We understand that the syllabus is pretty vast and it covers a range of topics from theorems to fractions and even number systems to linear equations. Thus, maintaining focus and being able to apply the correct logic to a sum, is quite daunting. Thankfully nowadays there are a number of Apps and learning platforms that introduce intriguing concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, which causes less stress. Mathseeds is one such popular platform and is most suited for school-going children within Dubai in the Middle East and other progressive regions of the world. Mathseeds is available to homeschoolers too, thereby increasing its reach and making it more likable amongst Math learners.

So, coming back to Math Riddles, if you are in for some interesting study plus play time, here are a few shortlisted Riddles that can be solved by students.

Riddle 1

Tom has three daughters, and each of them has a brother. How many total children does Tom have?

Answer: He has Six children.

Riddle 2

I am sweet and round, mostly eaten as a dessert, and also a common Math term. Who am I?

Answer: Pie

Riddle 3

I am an even number name, but if you take out the ‘S’ from my letters, I become an odd number. Any guesses?

Answer: Six is the even number name and when you remove the ‘S’, we are left with IX – which is 9 in Roman number form.

Riddle 4

If four stools can be made by 4 men in four hours, how many stools can be made by 8 men in four hours?

Answer: A total of 16 stools can be made by four men in four hours.

Riddle 5

If a triangle and a circle started arguing with each other, what would the triangle say to the circle?

Answer: Hey Circle, you have no point!

Riddle 6:

I am a three-digit number where my tens digit is more by six from the ones digit. Also, my hundred digit is eight less than my tens digit. Which number am I?

Answer: The three-digit number is 193

Riddle 7

There is a huge zoo where there are 100 pairs of animals and each pair had babies. Now, these babies grew up and had two sets of babies each. From this 50 did not make it alive. How many total babies are there in the zoo currently?

Answer: 100 animal pairs gave birth to 50 babies. Now, these 50 grew up and gave birth to two sets of babies so (50 x 2 = 100 babies). Out of these 100 new babies, 50 perished (100-50 = 50). As of now, the zoo has 50 baby animals.

We bet you had a good time solving these Riddles. Now it’s your turn! Take a break, think creatively, and make your own Riddles. With tech integration in most schools, there are smart boards in every classroom, especially in regions like GCC, including UAE.

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