High School 3-Dimensional Learning with Carolina

Carolina Kits | 3D FLEX is a new product line to help high schools provide high-quality, hands-on science instruction. The solution includes all of the digital and physical components that individual students need to complete science investigations for the entire school year from anywhere, boxed and ready to take home. Carolina Kits | 3D FLEX programs for remote learning are a full-year lab program for either high school biology or chemistry, intended to complement the classroom teacher’s curriculum and instruction. The FLEX product is a box of hands-on supplies that contains everything a student needs to complete take-home science labs and assignments from their teachers to perform 16 different science investigations. The program includes access to over 120 digital resources, including instructional videos and digital labs.


Carolina Kits 3D are high school investigations for life science, physics and chemistry labs, built from the ground up to engage students in scientific and engineering practices while they apply core ideas and crosscutting concepts. Each kit provides students with experiences that are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. Each kit includes printed teacher’s manual, reproducible student guide, materials for the labs for a classroom of 45 students, and one-year access to digital resources that support three-dimensional instruction for NGSS.


Build a Strong K–5 Science Program

Why Building Blocks of Science?

Designed to Support Teachers and Engage All Students

Welcome to Building Blocks of Science 3D, a hands-on, phenomena-based science program for grades K–5. It will make science class the best part of your students’ day.

  • All-inclusive phenomena-based learning
  • 3-dimensional learning in 30-minute lessons
  • Powerful teacher support

Integrate hands-on, powerful digital resources and literacy, all in 30-minute lessons

To fully grasp the new standards and NGSS phenomena, students need to actively engage with investigations and concepts through multiple channels. Active, phenomena-based investigations blended with powerful literacy, digital, and interactive content—including videos, simulations, and more—provide additional avenues for students to explore concepts.


Welcome to Smithsonian Science for the Classroom–
Twenty four phenomena- and problem-based modules for Grades K–5

Everything you need to teach—Kits, Print, and Digital

Coherent Storylines

  • Build toward students answering a question or solving a problem
  • Begin with the end in mind—students start with the big idea then work backward through tasks that build to a culminating science or engineering design challenge
  • Pique students’ curiosity with Lesson Questions and drive understanding by grouping lessons with Focus Questions

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