Reading and Literacy Solutions

The importance of reading and literacy can never be overstated, and nowadays, the education industry is making the best of digital technology to maximize the potential of reading and literacy solutions. Any effective reading solution should be individualized and modifiable to suit the student’s requirements. The end goal of any effective solution is to help students acquire the necessary competencies in terms of reading and comprehension that will not only translate to proficiency in communication but, more importantly, enable them to achieve success in the real world.

As the leading EdTech company in Dubai, the Knowledge Hub offers a vast collection of award-winning reading and literacy products that are designed to support each student with different levels of learning. From thousands of leveled books, projectable and printable worksheets and activities, to online classroom resources that are highly educational, interactive, and engaging for the students, we are proud to be recognized as a reliable provider of digital teaching and learning tools in the UAE. Each feature that we offer is intended to meet the distinct needs of every student anytime and anywhere. Our excellent resources can be readily integrated within the school’s planned curriculum and is a handy and useful tool that can adapt to different educational settings.

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