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Come and join us on this exclusive webinar on

Assessments Roadmap for CBSE Schools

Webinar Date:Tuesday, 25th May 2021 | Time: 3.00 pm (UAE Time)

  • NEP 2020: Expectations
  • Competency Based Learning & Assessment.
  • Technology integration for measuring progression.
  • Developing School Specific Assessment Roadmap.
  • Realize your school’s potential


Dr A Senthil Kumaran

Chief Confluencer & Co Founder, the Learners Confluence

With over 3 decades of experience in the educational field, Dr. Senthil has started groundbreaking work in the form of the Learners Confluence, an educational service in India. The Learners Confluence is an educational program focused on developing a technology platform for Teachers with the goals of enhancing peer learning as well as knowledge sharing.

Dr. Senthil was the Principal Counsellor & Head Education Excellence Initiatives of CII Institute of Quality (CII IQ) until July 31st 2016. He joined CII IQ in April 2002 and till recently has been helping educational institutions to accelerate their journey in excellence in India and abroad. Dr. Senthil worked as a faculty member of the Strategic Core Group in Christ College (now Christ University), Bangalore for 10 years before embarking on the journey with CII IQ.

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