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In an ideal scenario, with the proper implementation of technology, learning should have a smooth-sailing flow, and the school should be able to function at its maximum potential because of it. However, it is often seen that embracing technology integration often brings numerous technical challenges. When these problems arise within the school’s network, it can become increasingly difficult to gain the optimal benefits of digital learning. Before integrating eLearning in their institution, schools should be aware of the factors that need to the considered while adopting the same.

One such factor that must be evaluated is whether or not the school has a good network that can support all the technological undertakings. At Knowledge Hub, we seek to help educational institutions realize the real purpose of integrating technology into their curriculum through uncomplicated, dependable, and manageable, network and lab solutions. We also do ensure that the proposed solution perfectly meets the school’s requirements and quality infrastructure. One such software solution that we provide is TechnoControl. This system can be used to simultaneously monitor all the computers used by students and can also be used to deliver lectures. It also helps the teacher to collaborate with his/her students easily and supervise them in their activities.

Today, several schools across the globe are widely using tablets, notebooks, and smartphones inside the classroom, which in turn, necessities the need to have wireless internet access. However, some schools do not have a sufficient budget or the required IT personnel on-site, which makes deploying and managing Wi-Fi in various locations challenging. We address this problem by providing schools with cost-effective and flexible solutions such as AirTight – a software that helps to deploy and manage a highly secure enterprise-grade Wi-Fi across one or more campuses.

What Knowledge Hub prioritizes is in creating a secure and reliable IT environment for schools to ensure that technology integration will not be a problem, but a solution. We work closely with schools from site surveys through to final implementation and provide them with proper guidance at every step of the way.


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