Transform your classroom and personalize learning

Mathspace gives your students step-by-step support as they work through interactive, standards-aligned content

An adaptive math platform with a real difference Challenge high achievers, support those who struggle and empower your students.

Mathspace is unique in the way students can enter in their inter-mediate steps to a maths problem. It is more than just a simple multiple choice or fill-in-the-box quiz, where all the working has to be done offline using pen and paper, after which it’s in danger of being lost or discarded.Mathspace is different because it turns your tablet or laptop into your digital workbook.

Why Choose Mathspace?

Use our cutting-edge technology to empower your students, reduce math anxiety, and transform your classroom.

Curriculum Alignment

Step by step Feedback

Personalized learning

Real-time Student Data

Student Engagement

Adaptive Learning Technology

How will I benefit as a Math teacher?

As a math teacher you’re committed to helping your students excel in mathematics and we created Mathspace to help you do that.

Spend Less time marking

Reward effort and growth

Identify struggling students

Easy to learn and use

Set tasks in advance

Adjust lesson plans according to data

Why do students love Mathspace?

Many students get anxious about getting their math answers wrong. We created Mathspace to show students there’s a different way.
With useful hints, video demonstration and support at every step, students feel safe to make mistakes and are able to see them as an opportunity for growth.

Get instant feedback

Work at your own pace

Develop problem-solving skills

Get step-by-step support

Build Confidence

Use for revision

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