An award-winning primary learning platform, filled with creative tools for use across the curriculum.

A complete remote learning solution for your school with tools, apps and games, for Maths, English, Computing and cross-curricular activities. Easy sign-in for pupils and teachers with guided lesson plans included. Loved and trusted by thousands of schools.

A Primary Learning Platform that does what your school wants.

A radically different type of learning platform, that includes fantastic tools for student creativity. Using cutting-edge technology it works on any modern device, and can be set up for your whole school to use in minutes. It is already used in thousands of schools, everyday.

Unlock pupil creativity in all subjects.

At the heart of the Toolsuite are creative tools that engage and motivate your pupils, including painting, drawing, animation, coding, video, audio, and much more. They enable pupils to explore and demonstrate their learning in a format that suits their needs.

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