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When it comes to designing an effective learning strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Successful learning is achieved when you have the freedom and flexibility to choose what will work best in your unique learning environment. The use of digital books inside the classroom is becoming more extensive than ever. Numerous schools and universities within Dubai and the UAE have already started switching from physical books to their digital and interactive counterpart. This transformation has come as a result of schools needing more flexibility when it comes to the resources they utilize within the classroom.


In this perspective, we view flexibility as having the freedom of choice between either digital or physical books. With that being said, we do firmly believe that technological innovation should not put an end to print. Let’s face it; Printed books are timeless! A lot of students still prefer the real feel of flipping the pages of a standard textbook, writing notes on physical sheets, and seeing hardcovers on their bookshelf. Aside from these, we here at the Knowledge Hub recognize the many benefits of using printed books, which is especially highlighted in schools that do not have sufficient internet bandwidth to support online learning or are still in the process of transformation from traditional to digital.

Knowledge Hub’s eLearning curriculum solutions are designed to ensure that schools have the appropriate resources depending on their need, preference, and technological feasibility. To address the schools’ specific requirements, we bring the powerful fusion of physical books and their digital/online counterparts. Our solutions are aligned with the school’s existing curriculum and are proven to increase the engagement of students through interactive and pertinent learning activities and support materials. Our interactive eLearning curriculum solutions are valuable for both teachers and students since learning is not limited to just the traditional or digital alone; instead, we provide all parties involved with a richer set of alternatives.

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