Stereo Speakers

Powered stereo speakers with volume controlled from the SRM mixer.

2 x Presenter Microphone

High quality condenser microphone using phantom power provided by the SRM mixer..

2 x Articulated Mic Arm

Adjustable microphone arm that allows you to position the presenter mic in the ideal place.

2 x Headphones

High quality, enclosed headphones ideal for broadcast applications.

‘Mic Live’ Light

Mounted in the SR2 flight case

SAM Cast Web Encoder

Professional web encoding software

National Curriculum – with 100+ additional notes relating to School Radio and our Premium Resource Packs (digital download version)

Link your School Radio to key aims and statutory goals with the National Curriculum for England. Download our annotated copy of the document from the Premium Resources section of our website.

Premium Resource Kit – resource kits that reference the National Curriculum and guide you through using your School Radio system in the classroom (digital download version)

Access a range of resources covering many common School Radio activities. Each resource kit includes references to the National Curriculum, guidance on feature structure and tips on ‘best practice’ from radio professionals.

24 Months Streaming & School Radio Player

Get streaming with our customisable School Radio Player. Add your station name, logo and information and you are ready to stream your station to computers, tablets and mobiles in no time.
* May require a port opening on your school’s firewall.

First School Radio Show Handbook (Physical copy)

Our glossy 48 page, full colour handbook will guide you through the process of creating your first (and many other) School Radio shows.

School Radio Studio User Guide (digital copy)

Our glossy 168 Studio User Guide will guide you through all the technical aspects of your School Radio system. From the knobs on the mixer to how best to use the software tools, the Studio User Guide provides clear and simple information aimed at ‘non-technical’ users.

Fixed Install Studios

Our range of fixed install studios is ideal for schools wanting to create a dedicated radio room or area that not only has everything they need but also looks really cool.

The SR1 Package

The SR1 provides a premium School Radio experience at an entry level price. The package includes everything you need to create great School Radio content and broadcast live shows, from a compact and stylish studio.

The SR2 Package

The SR2 build on the SR1 package by adding a larger mixer with additional faders and functions as well as an additional presenter position and tower ‘mic live’ light all housed in stylish ’round table’ style studio furniture.

SR4 – Fixed Studio

Stylish fixed School Radio studio. The SR4 is a comprehensive, fixed School Radio studio package featuring a modern, contemporary studio furniture design and a full complement of broadcast studio features.

AR1 – Accessibility Studio

The World’s Most Accessible Radio Studio The Accessibility Studio was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a School Radio studio package that would be accessible to students with varied levels of special educational needs.

UR4 Fixed Studio Plus

If you are looking for a School Radio studio that combines high impact with visuals with an extremely flexible layout perfectly suited for speech based content, the UR4 ideal for you.

UR7 – Digital Studio Deluxe

Our top end studio package features a raft of premium features and equipment to provide the ideal studio for serious broadcasters or for delivering radio or journalism focused courses.
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